Many people think all you need to succeed in motorsport is to be faster than everyone else. In reality, there is much more to it and a successful racing driver needs to focus on all the following components. 

The Course

  • What Champion racing drivers have in common.

  • How to develop a race driver's brain

  • How to develop an unshakeable belief in yourself

I have learnt a lot from the course so far, focusing and having the ability to forget past mistakes. I tried this at izone on Tuesday where usually I would completely mess up the next corner, for eg, because I was thinking about my past. That has helped me a lot. Also, using the selective focus exercise every day has helped me to calm down and relax and focus on relaxing. I love the app because it helps to put things in perspective, because it's visual and not just a list of goals. I am also doing the concentration test. My first attempt wasn't as good, but the more I do it the better I feel I am getting. I love things like crosswords number one was more challenging and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much, this has helped me a lot in the past few days. 


J. S.

Magdalena Egger


The mental strengths and performance routine program that Sabine developed for me really helped me with my racing and achieving my goals. Her 'prediction' helped me to develop unshakeable belief in myself and become a multiple World Champion.

 The biggest change I noticed in my professional career after using Sabine's program is that I'm in a better state of mind all the time, feeling very stable now. Before, I've been going up and down and been in a bad mood. Some days I would win any race, and some days there was just no way I could win. Even if I had the best car in the world I probably couldn't have won, but now I can just do what I'm supposed to do much more easily than before. ”

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Sabine has been part of the Formula Woman Guinness World Record in 2005! It was a historic event with Formula Woman Challenge at Pembrey circuit, South Wales. Never before have so many women (62) raced in the same motorsport event.”

Guinness World Record, 2005 Pembrey, South Wales