Unleash your full potential

Your brain is your weapon in the battle for better lap times!

If you race cars or motorcycles at a high level, in highly competitive conditions, and you want to consistently be the best you can, then read on.

Consistent performance under pressure is key to your racing success and it's attainable

through brain power!​



The most successful racing drivers understand their brain, mental skills and mindset in the same intricate way a race engineer understand the detailed setup of their car or motorcycle. 


Many racing drivers fail achieving their full potential because they don't assess, analyse and fine-tune their mental performance. Racing performance is limited and determined by your brain processing capacity. If not sufficient brain capacity is available you will either: 

a) slow down or

b) make errors.  


Assessing your mental fitness helps you gain a laser sharp understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, how you concentrate, make decisions, control emotions, interact with others, and most importantly how you perform under pressure.


Armed with this data and the insight it provides for the development of interventions, you will be able to consistently perform at your best, even under pressure.

  • Identify your performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Get to the root cause of any performance issues 
  • Control emotions and improve concentration
  • Compare your profile with the world's greatest athletes and receive personalised analysis feedback
  • Learn how pressure affects your ability to perform

  • Unleash your full potential

How to engineer your mind for success!

  • 1. Assess your Mental Fitness

    Take the online assessment anytime at your convenience. It takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes.  It's a self-report instrument and the usefulness of the report depends upon how honestly and accurately you evaluate yourself. Available online in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Profile reports are in English!


  • 2. Receive a comparison profile, personalised feedback and a mental toughness blueprint

    I'll receive your scores, analyse the data and report, and we'll set up a 45 minute phone call for the following week, during which your data and profile report will be discussed in depth, and you'll discover your two most likely mental errors. You'll find it interesting to compare your profile to the data of world champions. 


    The graphic below is a sample Mental Edge report. Your scores are displayed in blue and compared to the red scores of world champions


    The score patterns reveal the root cause of a problem and lead directly to the development of interventions designed to improve your racing results. 


  • 3. Personalised High Performance Coaching Programme (optional add on)

    I help you unlock your next level racing success, gain a superior mental attitude, fine-tune your focus, overcome performance problems and unleash your full potential. We'll agree on a personalised plan forward and meet for phone coaching sessions, usually a week apart. You'll learn methods and tools that helped transform the performance of world champions, developed by my mentor and business partner, F1 Neuroscientist Dr. Kerry Spackman. This one-on-one programme is suitable for professional and serious high performers who further want to transform their performance. Book a free call with me and find out how you can benefit from Personalised High Performance Coaching and together we decide if you are a good fit for the programme.



Are you a good fit for my one-on-one High Performance Programme?

Your brain is your weapon in the battle for better lap times!

Dr. Kerry Spackman

F1 Neuroscientist

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The assessment identifies your performance strengths and weaknesses, reveals your level of mental toughness and provides you with a plan on how to improve your racing results.  

  • Athlete's Mental Edge online assessment        

  • Comparison profile with the world's greatest athletes                            

  • In depth analysis, feedback & mental toughness blueprint               

The mental strengths and performance routine program that Sabine developed for me really helped me with my racing and achieving my goals. Her 'prediction' helped me to develop unshakeable belief in myself and become a multiple World Champion.

J. K.

Four times World Champion

The importance of fine-tuning your focus!


Being focused in the right way is key to success. Research reveals that multiple world/Olympic champions are more narrowly focused and better able to block out external distractions than one time medal winners. 


Considering the high risks involved in any motor sport, the importance of these cognitive processes is self-evident not only to be successful but also to lower the risk of injury. 


Tony Rickardsson six times world speedway champion during his pre-performance focus and start practice. I supported Tony in my role as peak performance psychologist when he won his record-equalling 6th world championship title. 




What is TAIS?


The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory is the world's best assessment methodology and innovative web-based program designed to provide competitors with detailed mental toughness assessment and training strategies to help them gain a mental edge and perform better in competitive, pressure-filled situations. Critical performance factors include focus, confidence, discipline and leadership. 


It is an easily administered self-report instrument designed to measure those concentration skills and interpersonal characteristics that are the building blocks of performance.  It was developed by Dr. Robert Nideffer in 1976. TAIS is exclusively offered by qualified professionals.


Improve focus, confidence and emotional management so that you are able to perform at your best when it counts the most.  



Sabine Tyrvainen


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